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Consortium Services in Golden Valley

Consortium Services for DOT Drug Testing

A consortium is a pool of companies and their drivers. From this pool, we select drivers for random testing that is required by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Why should I to join a consortium?

Companies with 8 or fewer drivers must be enrolled in a consortium. For companies that have more than 8 drivers, they can choose to either be a part of the consortium or have their own “stand-alone” pool.

National Pool

If you have few employees in safety-sensitive positions, ensure your DOT compliance by joining a national consortium.

Stand-Alone Pool

A company comprised of many DOT regulated employees make up a stand-alone pool for random drug testing.

Streamlining the DOT Drug Testing Process

When your organization needs help with achieving compliance with DOT drug testing regulations, your local ARCpoint Labs of Golden Valley can help.

We provide a full-service drug & alcohol testing plan that will give you peace of mind, making this part of your business worry-free. Our simplified procedure is ideal for anyone who is subject to random DOT drug testing. We are a professional organization with over 25 years of experience, so you can trust the integrity of our results.

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Why ARCpoint Labs of Golden Valley for DOT Drug Testing?

ARCpoint Labs of Golden Valley can assist smaller, independently owned DOT-regulated organizations in need of an easy and affordable way to meet all federal guidelines for DOT drug testing. We organize a consortium for our smaller DOT clients, allowing us to provide DOT-compliant drug and alcohol testing services.

As part of a DOT drug testing consortium through ARCpoint Labs of Golden Valley, you can receive:

  • Pre-employment DOT screening
  • Random DOT screening
  • Explanation of DOT testing policies and procedures
  • Supervisor training

Let ARCpoint Labs of Golden Valley serve as your expert partner in DOT consortium services.

Accurate. Reliable. Confidential Testing.